Friends 2014 Project Highlights

The Friends of the Library group was especially busy this last year! The FOL reactivated early in 2014, began regular monthly meetings and got to work on a number of different projects that brought in record-breaking funds to help stretch the library budget. Some of these purchases included

  • Sponsoring the new monthly “What’s for Lunch?” program speaker and catered lunch
  • Underwriting the (hugely popular) Summer Reading kick-off prize tote bags
  • A digital SLR camera for the library that helped create this Teen Advisory Board project
  • A portable sound system
  • Button Maker

Due to budgeting constraints and timing of the fiscal year, the library would have been unable to purchase these items or sponsor these events without the support of the Friends.  With their help,  the library can bring in better resources for staff to use in serving the community.

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